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part 6 Retiring from the AF

My hubby retired from the AF in 2010, he had served for 22 years. We had a great retirement ceremony for him and then went on a extended vacation across country to see my family in Canada.

Once we returned, our son started kindergarten and Paul was looking for work. God led us to a job in DC. We rented out our house and relocated to DC. We met some wonderful people there and started our Home Schooling and Foster Parenting Journey as well. We did not love DC, we are not city people. Too much traffic and too many people.

Paul found a job in Up State NY, Syracuse. We moved up there, were only in DC for 1 year. We were in NY for 2 years. We continued to Home School and did the training involved to Foster Parent, however Paul was laid off prior to us getting a placement.

Never in our wildest dreams had we thought we could move back to NE. We were actually starting to discuss selling our house in NE.

Surprise! Paul got a job offer in NE. We had to relocate ourselves though, so we did. The house in NY ended up being a Short sale and we paid 2 mortgages for almost 2 years. It was tight!

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