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Part 4 Infertility & a move

So, now we had to file new papers with immigration, since we were married. That cost another $1000. Immigration sure is expensive!

We also started infertility treatments. Crazy shots in the butt and 3 IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). It was not working, so I went in for a Laparoscopy to find out what was going on in my body. They did a routine pregnancy test (honestly this is the first one I had done for a long time that I was sure was negative lol) they told me that I was pregnant and to go home and call the doc. I was in shock, happy shock.

We were getting ready to PCS to California at this time and Paul had gone on base to finalize some paperwork. I called him and gave him the news, he was in happy shock too. lol.

I called my doc and he had me come right in, did an ultrasound and yup, I was pregnant, yay!

So, we moved to CA and I had my baby in Salinas, CA on January 30,2005.

Could not locate our baby pics :( He was 2 years old here at the Zoo in Munich.

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