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Part 2 of my far

While my life was falling apart, I was also in study called 'the Edmonton Protocol'. They injected islet cells into my liver twice. Nov 1,2000 was the first one and Nov 15,2000 was the second one. (I also quit smoking on October 28, 2000). My body went back to its natural state and was producing its own insulin. It was so weird to not be injecting insulin anymore, not worrying about my blood sugar. I enjoyed it, but it was really weird for me. I was off insulin for around 1 month and then slowly ended back on insulin. It could have been the stress I was under, or maybe my antibodies attacked very fast, we are unsure why my body rejected, however, I am soooooo glad it did!

During this time, I met Paul (from the internet chat room) in person in Chicago. That went great! He invited me to come spend time with him in England (he was in the AF and was stationed there), all I had to pay for was my flight. I had never been to Europe and I REALLY liked this guy, so I said OK. I spent 3 months in England with him. I wanted to make sure he could live with this crazy red head lol. Well, he ended up proposing to my under the Eiffel tower in Paris at night!

I went back to Canada and we had to wait until he got his next duty station and I would join him there. We started the immigration paperwork at that point.

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