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Part 3 Moving to USA

The day Paul got to Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ was the day the Towers were attacked, 9/11.

Our original plan was to wait on immigration, however, I could not stay in Canada. I was freaking out, I was in Love with an American Soldier and a war just started!

Once he found us an apartment to live in I flew to Tucson and we arranged shipment of my stuff.

I did have to go back to Canada once for final doctor visits about my transplants etc.

We were planning to get married once the fiance visa came through, we were going to do it at the Eiffel tower in Vegas.

Well, I was labeled a Brittle Diabetic (which I hated) and I had an episode. Paul had to call 911 for me. My blood sugar went super low super fast and I had passed out, apparently I was having seizures as well. They took me to the hospital and did several tests because I could not respond to any questions. It was so weird, I knew it in my head, but could not say anything. They did not see anything abnormal on the tests, so they sent me home. Once we were home, Paul pulled out our hida bed and set me up in our family room. I saw the worry in his eyes. We watched TV for a little while, then out cat jumped up on my lap and I said, "Hi Sabrina" as I pet her and everything came rushing back and I was fine.

It was once we got the hospital bills that I told Paul that we needed to get married earlier that we thought, as I needed his medical. So we went to Vegas for the 4th of July weekend and got married at the 'Littlest Chapel in the West' on July 6,2002. Some of his family were able to come and celebrate with us.

Once I had the medical coverage, they put me on a insulin pump right away. Once I was on the pump, I understood why the had labeled me brittle. My insulin needs fluctuate through the day and week. I am constantly tweeking and changing my insulin needs.

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