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Part 7 We are staying in NE

The position that Paul got would start here in NE, then he would be working in TX for 6 months or so as well. I missed working in the hair industry and we needed more income to pay all those mortgages ;). I found a receptionist position part time at JCPenney @ Oakview mall. For the first while I really enjoyed being the receptionist, however I started really missing my art of hair. I decided to get my cosmetology license here in NE and get back to being a hair artist.

I started back behind the chair at JCPenney and loved doing hair, however, the management of the salon was lacking and nothing was being done about it, and it looked like nothing would be done.

Paul's job ended and we went for 6 months of him being unemployed. We survived and realized that we could make it ( he saw this possibility coming so saved some money to help us through this).

I found a position at JBs Salon & Spa in La Vista. I loved working at this salon! However, we had just finished getting licensed for Foster care and had our first placement. I could no longer work the hours they needed me to, so I gave my notice and started doing hair out of my home.

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