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Part 8 Hair @ Home & Beyond...

My home set up for doing hair was not fantastic, but it was workable. My setup was in the basement. By word of mouth my clientele was growing and we got another foster care placement. I also started selling on Amazon and Ebay. Life was going great!

Kaboom...our foster son was pulled from our home and I was charged with neglect by his doctor. Apparently this doc did not like me helping him with taking care of his diabetes. I had to go through several interviews etc and was finally cleared by the state, but they still put our foster son in a new home and stressed me out to the MAX! My body revolted. I had recently started on a new health product that I believe saved my life. I was in terrible pain, went to the ER, Urgent care and a few different doctor visits trying to figure out why I was in such pain. There were days I could not get out of bed. Finally I met with my primary care doctor, he spent about 90 minutes with me trying to determine what was going on, as all tests we did (CAT scan, MRI, blood work etc) came back with no clues as to what was going on.

We finally figured out that the stress I had suffered caused my body to react with one of my medications and I had Pancreatitis. I was weaned off of that med and put on a different one and told to be on a liquid diet for 3-4 days. If I could not do this, it was hospital time. The pancreatitis cleared up, as I was able to do as the doc suggested. I still had pain though, in a different location. We then determined that I had a Uterus infection at the same time, was put on antibiotics and finally the pain was gone. My immunity was quite weak at this point and I caught cold after cold and finally the flu for Christmas!

Recovery from this ordeal took quite a while. I continued taking the health product I had started and my health has never been better than it currently is! My immunity is stronger than it has been in many many years!

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