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Why I am a foster parent...

I have been told that most young girls dream of their wedding day and plan it out .

Well, not me. I dreamed of being a mum and a foster parent that would one day adopt a teenager.

I have seen the need for families to step up and adopt some teenage kids who need that forever home. I may be on my way to actually doing this within the next year. It is in God's hands and timing. I know that he will put the right kiddo into our home that needs the love & support we have to offer.

Fostering is difficult...the system is kind of unreliable to a certain degree. You have to advocate for these kiddos, yet not too much, as the sate may step in and remove that child from your home because you made too many waves. They seem to want this to be a black and white type system, however, these poor kiddos live in the grey.

All are individual and deal with their circumstances differently, and the system seems to think that they should deal with things like that text book said they should. There is also the issue of bad communication due to how overloaded the case workers can be.

It is all super frustrating, however, with God ALL things are possible! This is my mantra going through some of the trials and tribulations I have endured within the system.

It is broken, and some of these poor kids get dropped through the cracks....I wish I could take on more, but I know my limitations and 1 more kiddo is it for now. I will help 1 more of God's creation build a good life with our love and encouragement. Please pray for us and that God gives us wisdom in this endeavor.

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