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part 9 Beyond...

OK, so I have recovered from my health speed bump in my life. I lost a few hair customers because of this. I was sad about that. Time to move on...

My Amazon & Ebay business died, so I concentrated on growing my hair business more. One of my customers knew of a location for a salon and we talked about possibly starting a business together. She doing retail, me doing hair services and potentially massage. It was a great idea, I was excited and my hubby was ack my financially.

We renovated the salon and I started in there in September 2017. We were splitting the rent and utilities. My business partner was feeling sceptical about moving from her current location. She informed me that she would not be moving in November. I was kind of devastated, I did not have a strong enough clientele to do this on my own! Yikes!

She found me a massage therapist, and she started in January 2018. Every month I had to use our savings to pay the bills, February,March and April were the months that I had to use the least and I actually saw breaking even in my future. However, my massage therapist found a better position and handed in her notice :(.

So, I prayed. I looked into hiring another stylist etc. Then, my mum was ill and I needed to get to CA and move here here to NE to live with us, plus the week before I left to pick her up, we got a new foster child placement. Talk about overwhelmed!

Once I got home from picking up my mum somehow the Sola salon suite idea was in front of me (mush have been God). I went to see the location and was told that they were currently full. I was put on the waiting list. I prayed and was a little confused about what to do now when I got an email telling me that they had a sudden opening, would I like it?

So now I am working at the Sola salon suites at Shadow Lake, Papillion....I still need to grow my business so that I can pay off the debt from my other location and my medical speed bump, but it will be much easier to do without so much overhead.

So, now I will blog about all sorts of things relating to my life. I look forward to connecting with you and hope to see you in my salon!

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