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Why get Extentions?

Hey there! I am so excited here! I took a class on On Stage Hair Extensions and have invested in the kit! I am now offering them at the salon, yay!

So, I can hear some of you asking, why extensions?

Well, to be honest, I have not been a big fan of the extensions being done for the last few years. I started out doing the corn row braids and sewing in these heavy extensions. It was a difficult long drawn out process for sure. Generally for 2 rows of wefts it took me 5 to 8 hours from beginning to end. There are ladies out there that are much faster than I was, but this was MY timing. The hair they purchased was costly and generally at most lasted 3 times of taking out and putting back in. So, at MOST 6 months.

Since doing those back in the late 1990's I have seen them trying to make extensions better, however, I saw the integrity of the hair suffering due to the glue's and heat applied to the natural hair in order to lock in the wefts. The wefts themselves were double folded and bulky as well, which puts undue stress and weight on the hair.

I found a NEW type of weft and method about 1 year ago and was excited about doing extensions! I was saving my money so that I could take the class and pay for the starter kit.

So, here comes 2020 and I am setting my intentions for the year. I, of course, have a few, but one of my top 5 was to take the extension class. I went into the store that does these classes to pick up some back bar products for the salon and chatted with them. They were offering that class the following week! WOW! I booked myself in. I did need to shift a few appointments, thankfully it worked out and I went to the class on Monday March 2 2020.

Well, the product that I had learned about over a year ago is still around, however, this store now carries a newer brand that is even BETTER!

The options are endless with this line! The weft is fine and light and the process keeps the integrity of you natural hair. NO glue or heat! Much faster! My first time doing it took me under 1 hour for 1 full weft to add length and fullness.

I will be putting some in my mom's hair to add fullness where she feels like her hair has been disappearing at the sides. These extensions are NOT just to make your hair longer! Individual wefts can add fullness or volume where you need it.

Another PLUS...once you get your first set in, with proper care these wefts can last up to 1 year!